Janice at hospital installation

I have recently relocated to Illinois from Colorado, where I was an accomplished artist for more than 25 years. My painting style builds imagery using layers. My method interleaves textures, blending color with subjective atmosphere. I paint using unpredictable palettes—a spectrum of color that often challenges well-worn clichés (the sky is blue, the land is green, etc.). The resulting layers are successively wiped and refined revealing a composite of underlying design—the result of colorful swathes of braided paint unfolding and enfolding the values within the palette. The surprising use of color has become a distinctive attribute of my work. My newer work pieces together the fragmentary; the broken; the partially concealed; a delicate improvisation; contrasting and blending modern urban life and landscape. When I organize the space in my compositions, horizontal banding and chromatic impressions built from the landscape often come into play. Soft blues, greens, golds, and whites inspire peaceful contemplation. The small squares at the bottom or the top can become as a “door”—a way to enter or leave the paintings. The increased scale of my newer work and the use of metal as a painting surface is a journey into the canvas as a continuously changing field. I am exploring the urban landscape, experiencing and studying its symbolism. My work is an exercise in personal exploration; a preparation for journeys related to inner mind. That is, a balance of empowerment and meditation, often without using recognizable symbols, encouraging the viewer to respond emotionally to abstract shapes, conceptual colors, lines and layers.